Eric-Olivier Lamey

Tech Lead – Cloudwatt

remote – 11/2012 - 12/2017

I joined Cloudwatt, a French public cloud provider, as the company was created to provide storage, network and compute services to local businesses and government entities. I worked with several contractor teams to architect and deploy the system and software stacks for the front-end components, data plane and control plane, based on OpenStack and Contrail.

I owned the bare metal and Linux deployment and packaging infrastructures, the virtualization stack, as well as most configuration management tools, ensuring consistent and efficient operations for hundreds of physical and virtual servers, in multiple environments and data centers.

After more than two years with an operations team, I switched focus to internal development processes and infrastructure, as well as application lifecycle. I designed and implemented new application deployment standards and tooling, with a focus on connecting the existing bare metal and virtual machines with the new Kubernetes based infrastructure.

I also designed and developed several internal command line tools and APIs, as well as a web dashboard for OpenStack resources.

chef, calico, consul, contrail, deb packaging, docker, elasticsearch, fluent, foreman, haproxy, jenkins, kubernetes, kvm, libvirt, mcollective, mysql, nagios, nas (netapp), nginx, openstack, postgres, prometheus, rabbitmq, rails, ruby, sinatra, ubuntu, vault

Tech Lead – Orange Business Services

France, 01/2011 - 11/2012

As the tech lead for Louis Vuitton’s e-commerce hosting infrastructure, I participated in the architecture and migration of the main website to a new system and software stack. I was the owner of the bare metal provisioning infrastructure and the configuration management tools. I was responsible for automating systems as well as applications, and the overall system architecture to meet Louis Vuitton’s SLAs and standards for high availability and scalability.

I worked closely with multiple teams, from developers to project managers for the client, software architects, sysadmins, DBAs, datacenter technicians and network operators, working for several different contractors.

adobe day, apache, chef, haproxy, jboss, oracle atg, oracle db, rhel, rpm packaging, ruby

Architect/Tech Lead – Various Companies

France – 12/2005 - 01/2009

As a freelance consultant, I provided system architecture and administration services for various clients, during various contracts of three months up to a year. I helped kickstart early virtualization efforts, introduce modern best practices around deployment and operations of small to medium scale systems, as well as evangelize and implement configuration management principles and techniques.

I often provided guidance and technical expertise to development teams to improve their development processes, deployment and the day to day operations of their applications.

apache, cacti, jboss, lighttpd, mysql, nagios, openvpn, oracle db, postgresql, puppet, rhel, rpm packaging, sybase ase, vmware, weblogic, xen

Architect/Team Lead – Ubisoft

Canada – 09/2003 - 08/2005

After having contributed to a few infrastructure projects as a system administrator (such as Gameloft’s mobile games store), I was promoted to a team with a mission to standardize Ubisoft’s internal systems and networks around the world. I helped establish the processes, best practices and standards for all locations, as well as plan the migrations.

I worked on several IT infrastructure projects for the Montreal studio (which was under rapid expansion) and led the Windows and Linux sysadmin teams for offices in North America.

active directory, apache, debian, java, groovy, mysql, nagios, nas (netapp), postfix, resin, rhel, rpm packaging, samba, san (hp/compaq), veritas netbackup

CTO – Savoir-faire Linux

Canada – 09/2001 - 08/2003

I started as a system administrator consultant, and spent two years helping the company double in size, acquire new clients and expand its range of services, ultimately being promoted to CTO. I worked on architecture and implementation of projects based exclusively on open source operating systems and software, deployment and operations for production services as well as management of a small team of developers and sysadmins.

I also wrote and taught various training courses for Linux and open source software.

debian, mandrake, rhel and diverse oss for small and medium businesses (backups, databases, e-mail, load-balancing, security, web, ...)

Developer/System administrator – Various Companies

France – 04/1999 - 06/2001

As a developer and system administrator, I worked at various telecom and web hosting companies. I designed and developed web applications in PHP (ticketing system) and Java (e-commerce). I worked as a system administrator for Linux and Sun Solaris workstations and servers, on architecture, deployment and operations for production services (web, e-mail, authentication, infrastructure, etc…).

apache, debian, java, mysql, openldap, php, postfix, postgres, qmail, redhat, resin, solaris, tomcat


France – 2000

DEA in computer science (eq. MSc), Université de Marne la Vallée


French (native) and English (fluent)